Wooden Combines

Winona "Windsplitter" Interurban Combine, HO scale

Carbody of Winona Lines "Windsplitter" interurban wooden combine, built by the Jewett Car Co. 

Carbody #WIN1111: http://shpws.me/rTIj

For a complete kit, order also Unterbody set #WIN2111 below

Unterbody kit for the Winona Lines "Windsplitter" interurban wooden combine. Contains 1 detailed under frame with pilot, 2 Baldwin truck frames for NWSL Stanton drives, radial couplers and 2 dummy trolley poles.

#WIN2111 : http://shpws.me/rVyF


Ohio Electric wooden combine, built by the Cincinnati Car Co. 

HO scale
This fine Interurban model is designed for two NWSL Stanton drives, Model 1210 , part #39279-4 Wheelbase 7’(84”), wheel dia. 36”.

#CCC1101 - car body, printable in Shapeways Frosted Detail


Download glazing plan (pdf)

#CCC2101 - unter body set with a pair of Taylor truck frames and 3 radial coupler bars printable in Shapeways Black, Strong & Flexible


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