Sep 1, 2017

Siemens S70 LRV HO kit available

For a complete motorized Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicle in HO scale, you need several kits:
  • The #87-4001 Car Body kit
  • The #87-4601 Floor kit
  • The #87-4901 Finishing kit
  • One #125158 or 125158F Powering Kit available from Custom Traxx
  • Optional: San Diego MTS Decal Set #CN-2052 available for this car from Custom Traxx

See also our part list (pdf).

The #87-4901 Finishing kit is made of machined or hand made parts and contains also all screws needed to build this car; this #87-4901 Finishing kit is provided to all buyers of the two 3D printed kits above.

The price for this Finishing kit is already included in the Shapeways price. Once your Shapeways order placed, please you will be contacted by Interurban Models by email to give your Postal Address, and you will subsequently receive these parts.