Jul 3, 2017

Lowering the TomytecTM-TR01 drive for Electromobiles

Tomytec TM-TR drives
Remove the black plastic cover
Some N scale streetcar bodies are too low for Tomytec TM-TR drives (TR01, 04, 05 ...) There is an easy and non-destructive way to lower them one millimeter, enough to place an Electromobile or also a GHB PCC shell. No need for soldering, the drive remains mainly unaltered. 

In front, the unmodified drive
In the middle, the lowered drive

Step 1: remove the black plastic covering the metal contact strips, with a screwdriver or simply with your nails

Step 2: Glue the contact strips with some cyano - few drops are enough. 

Step 3: with a cutting knife, cut down the pins overlooking the contact strips
Glue the contact strips
Cut down the small pins holding the contacts

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