Nov 29, 2013

H0 Truck frames

Truck frames for NWSL Stanton drives 

Truck frames for Interurban Cars, designed for NWSL Stanton drives
Model 1210 , part #39279-4 Wheelbase 7’(84”), wheel dia. 36”.

TAYLOR MCB truck, H0 scale

BALDWIN MCB truck, H0 scale
#BDW7801 - a pair of truck frames, printable in Shapeway's BlackStrong&Flexible

Nov 20, 2013

Interurban Scale Models

Since the first years of the XX century, early electric railways called "Interurban" or "Traction Lines" connected numerous towns and rural communities in the United States. My main interest is focused on the Midwestern Interurban lines and their impressive passenger and freight cars 

I started to design some of these cars for 3D printing, exclusively for my own interest. But some asked me to share this products, and make them available for sell.

The long and sometimes tortuous creation process of my models are described on my main blog, who will continue, in any case.

On this (blue) site I will host all elements who are interesting for a modeler: how to find a car kit, and how to mount it. This informations were disseminated on the main blog , but now often very hard to find.

The main (yellow) blog itself, subtitled "research and modeling" will in any way continue, perhaps a little more dedicated to research work.