Feb 26, 2018

«MAIN STREET» - modular storehouse fronts in N scale

Four modular fronts: http://r.ebay.com/4G3szZ
2 x Four modular fronts: http://r.ebay.com/EssIKe

A modular "architect game" in N scale with storefronts, upper floors and cornices. Each building is 46.5 mm wide, a four house row is fitting exactly into a 186 mm Kato Street track length.

Each building front is different, but all storefronts, upper floors and cornices can be mixed.

The kit is easy to build - assembly requires a steady hand and some patience. You will need to provide: white glue, some sandpaper, a pin or a toothpick, a good fine cutting knife and tweezers.

The parts are cut from 1mm MDF. If any part is missing or broken when opening, please send me an e-mail with a photo or sketch of the part.

All parts are on a fret-plate and have to be cut out of it very carefully, along the short connecting links. Use a very sharp cutting knife.

Start with the storefront A, then mount the floor B, and finish with the cornice C.

There are several hood designs available for each house. Main Street 2 and 4 can be mounted without hoods.


The upper floor brick facade don’t need to be painted, if you want to represent yellow brick. Otherwise you may choose a red terracotta shade.

Even the storefront, the windows, the cornice and the hoods can stay without paint. But you can apply also bright colors, there is a prototype for everything!

We recommend «thick» paints, the MDF soaks up a lot of paint, make some trials on surplus MDF before. Personnaly, I use acrylic paint pens with fine points (brands like Posca or Molotow)

I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback. Have fun with the assembly.

Sep 1, 2017

Siemens S70 LRV HO kit available

For a complete motorized Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicle in HO scale, you need several kits:
  • The #87-4001 Car Body kit
  • The #87-4601 Floor kit
  • The #87-4901 Finishing kit
  • One #125158 or 125158F Powering Kit available from Custom Traxx
  • Optional: San Diego MTS Decal Set #CN-2052 available for this car from Custom Traxx

See also our part list (pdf).

The #87-4901 Finishing kit is made of machined or hand made parts and contains also all screws needed to build this car; this #87-4901 Finishing kit is provided to all buyers of the two 3D printed kits above.

The price for this Finishing kit is already included in the Shapeways price. Once your Shapeways order placed, please you will be contacted by Interurban Models by email to give your Postal Address, and you will subsequently receive these parts.

Jul 3, 2017

Lowering the TomytecTM-TR01 drive for Electromobiles

Tomytec TM-TR drives
Remove the black plastic cover
Some N scale streetcar bodies are too low for Tomytec TM-TR drives (TR01, 04, 05 ...) There is an easy and non-destructive way to lower them one millimeter, enough to place an Electromobile or also a GHB PCC shell. No need for soldering, the drive remains mainly unaltered. 

In front, the unmodified drive
In the middle, the lowered drive

Step 1: remove the black plastic covering the metal contact strips, with a screwdriver or simply with your nails

Step 2: Glue the contact strips with some cyano - few drops are enough. 

Step 3: with a cutting knife, cut down the pins overlooking the contact strips
Glue the contact strips
Cut down the small pins holding the contacts

Liberty Bell Limited in N scale available @Shapewa...

Jun 27, 2017

American Gothic House Laser Kit, HO scale

Now available: The American Gothic House. This small house in Eldon, Iowa, is a design in the "Carpenter Gothic Style", with a distinctive upper window. It was the backdrop of the iconic 1930 Grant Wood painting American Gothic.
This MDF laser kit is easy to build - assembly requires just a steady hand and some patience. You will need to provide: white glue, paint, some sandpaper, a pin or a toothpick, a cutting knife and tweezers. 

Look for it on eBay, searching "American Gothic House Laser Kit". The kit is manufactured in small batches, regularly reproduced.